E. Multiscale modeling of radiation effects and materials under extreme environments

Keynote speakers:

Nasr Ghoniem University of California Los Angeles, USA
Andrea Sand Aalto University, Finland
Eva Zarkadoula Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Maylise Nastar CEA, France
Osman Al-Atwani Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Duc Nguyen-Manh UK Atomic Energy Authority, UK
Chenyang Lu Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Extreme environments of energetic particle irradiation and high temperatures push materials outside of their equilibrium states by producing high density of defects and causing complex transitions, ultimately changing the microstructure and properties of materials. Multiscale modeling frameworks have the potential to advance our predictive understanding of these phenomena, which are encountered in fission and fusion devices and related technologies. This symposium will serve as a forum for addressing the fundamental theoretical and computational challenges in materials response to irradiation as well as under high temperatures and extreme conditions. Theoretical, experimental, and computational contributions are sought in related areas, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Defect generation and evolution under irradiation and thermal extremes.
  • Microstructure evolution and phase stability in systems driven by irradiation and high temperatures.
  • Mechanical behavior of irradiated materials.
  • Thermal and physical property changes by irradiation.
  • Plasma and ion-surface interactions.
  • Corrosion and fracture of materials under irradiation.
  • Multiscale modeling techniques in all of the above areas.

Materials including conventional, high entropy and additive alloys, ceramics, and other functional materials are of interest. Experimental contributions addressing the above phenomena with an eye on connection to theoretical and computational models are highly sought. Modern research methods of data-driven and machine learning modeling are also encouraged.

Symposium organizers:

Anter El-Azab Purdue University, USA
Fei Gao University of Michigan, USA
Enrique Martinez Clemson University, USA
Maria José Caturla  University of Alicante, Spain
Kai Nordlund University of Helsinki, Finland
Huiqiu Deng   Hunan University, China